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tv   11 News at 11  NBC  July 26, 2011 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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>> firefighters were called around 645 this morning. police were at the house 30 minutes prior for a call of shots fired. >> it is a very sad situation. it is a sad situation. >> firefighters battled a one alarm blaze. this covering three people. all had been shot in the head. the victims are 58-year-old man and her daughter and her 27- year-old boyfriend. >> we're working various pieces of evidence. we're talking to residents and neighbors and the good news is everyone is a cooperative. >> firefighters responded tuesday morning. after forcing entry, they found one man on the first floor and
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the man and woman on the second floor. both are dead at the scene. the woman was rushed to an area hospital where she died. one resident said she heard a neighbor talking outside. >> you can hear her talking loudly. when i looked out the window, she was looking up at my neighbor's house across the street from me. i could see the windows were smoking. >> another neighbor tells us shots were heard at 4:30 a.m. tuesday morning. >> this was around 4:30 a.m. this morning. between five and seven shots. >> police confirmed patrol officers investigated after receiving an anonymous called out shopping fired. >> they knocked on the residents and look for any type of
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evidence of discharging and gunshots. we did not find anything. >> police are looking at how that call was handled in. >> as far as suspect and motive, we do not have much. the homeowner has not had contact with police. we're looking into their backgrounds if there is a possible motive. >> an accelerant was used in the arson. anyone with information is asked to call metro crimestoppers. the teenage girl accused of taking a 7-month-old baby to washington, d.c. is being charged as an adult. she faces child abduction, -- charges.
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officials say she will be bought two -- brought to baltimore for a bail hearing. >> leaders are taking aim at two rival plans in the that showdown. there is overlap but the first would come in two stages. that plan would get us through next year. a second vote would be needed. to raise the debt ceiling by $1.60 trillion and cut 1.8 in spending. the plan would cut 7.2 trillion dollars and raise the debt ceiling by 2.4. it does not call for any changes in social security or medicaid. $1 trillion would come from the winding down of the wars in iraq and afghanistan. with one week to default. >> we believe this is not a
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serious effort to address deficit and debt. it should be defeated. we want to be engaged with the president. >> the proposal cannot pass the senate and will not and will not reach the president's desk. >> some republicans criticized the plan saying it does not cut enough. with the default deadline one week away, we went to washington to hear what the leaders you sent to capitol hill have to say. we're on federal hill. >> lawmakers are fed up and they talked about the need for compromise. that word comes up over and over again. congress and the white house are no closer to a deal. >> dozens rallied outside in frederick. they're calling for an end to
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the debt ceiling debate. they acknowledge ordinary americans are frustrated and angry. >> the majority of the members are prepared to compromise. the speaker needs to bring in the extreme elements of the republican party and say it is time to compromise. >> you ought to be able to reach agreement. there is a group within the house of representatives in the republican majority that has decided they are going to draw the line and they do not want to make reasonable compromise. >> a balanced budget amendment is an essential part. >> this is an important part of the mix. we are disappointed the president rejected it out of hand. >> i do not think that proposal would get out of the house. all lot of conservative and tea
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party people say they are -- this is what john maynard has been asking for. >> were willing to make cuts and we have already voted. make sure -- to changes. we cannot compromise. >> 56% of americans say they solution is a mix of spending cuts and tax increases. with one week to go, time is running out. >> it is getting to the point where it is affecting our stability. if we do not resolve this issue and to stop the politics will have serious problems. >> the vote was scheduled for tomorrow. that has been postponed until thursday.
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>> if you are confused by the debt debate, we posted a died on our website to pick out the key points. just go to and click on project economy. >> one day after the nfl lockout ended, the ravens returned to camp. a few changes to the roster. gerry sandusky is live in the studio. >> probably wondering if things will move fast. we saw arrivals and departures. the camp does not open until tomorrow. first the signing. they have agreed to a new five- year contract. players started to arrive at the facility. for the first time in 4.5 months. this will feel more like a compound. it will get crowded. the roster is expanding to 90
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players and everyone arrives with no off-season practice to drawn. that will create challenging situations for rookies who for the most part do not know their way around the building. >> the most important thing is to learn your way around. .t is faster for them tha >> we have a mature team and a veteran team. this will work to our advantage. >> the team's receivers talks about his pending release from the team. >> the excitement generated from the arrival of players is reaching local businesses.
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the uncertainty left retailers with slow sales and plenty of merchandise to go around. business owners say that football is back on tap, they're optimistic that stuff will fly off the shelves. >> people get excited and start shopping. >> we are excited that people are interested in buying. it is part of the end of the summer. >> owners will be left with a surplus supplies in favorites are not sign. >> lawmakers are generating revenue by extending the state sales tax to burial services, health and fitness centers, called courses, and taxicabs. estate analyst analyzed revenues that were affected. the some measures could be
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introduced in the general session. the latest plan world out by the mayoral candidate. the tax plan would impose a property-tax on the first $200,000 of the home value and a 1.75% tax on values above 200,000. it would raise prices on vacant property up to 10%. he will reshape the loaded -- bloated city government. >> he called city government gloated. -- boate. loated. >> bloated is a description.
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where is the fat in the budget? >> he proposed lowering the tax to 2% by 20/20. a major shake-up at the fire academy. >> coming on the heels of a cheating scandal. we asked the fire chief if the change is related. >> the heat is about to back off as a weak cold front moves through. >> some contractors say we're paying too much for school repairs. we investigate how millions of dollars of contracts are awarded. awarded. ne
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>> we learned about a shakeup at the fire academy. paul moore will replace clack. the reassignment is coincidental. various schools get the repairs they need. >> the taxpayers are the ones to foot the bill. but baltimore county taxpayer -- are taxpayers shelling out more than they should be?
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>> the roof deck -- cost taxpayers $1.5 million. on bear creek, nearly $7 million. in paxil, more than $2 million. taxpayers shell that tens of millions of dollars to replace aging school rooms. some contend that is more than necessary. at issue, the way baltimore county awards were free and contracts. the state requires the put out for public bidding. since 2005, baltimore county used a call of service. the pennsylvania caught takes the bidding process out of the hands of local districts. it buys in volume. it can get the best gollott --
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value because it has access. competitors have strong opinions about this. >> it is a waste of taxpayer dollars. >> her company competes with the pennsylvania caught. she said prices are high because it provides a one-stop service and its vendors have to consider the cost of doing business in the 23 states where the cop does business. >> the unit cost is inherently higher than when you have a single job where you are using a local contractor. >> by not bidding out, baltimore county taxpayers spend an estimated $30 million extra between 2005 and 2010. money that could have been used to expand schools, hire more teachers, or update equipment. is something that is saving taxpayers money costing them
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more? audit look at the process there. auditors could not find evidence that the bid process used an objectionable -- an objective basis. they cited a roofing contractor that did not go to the lowest overall bidder. it went to a subsidiary. the same company the pennsylvania, recommended to schools for every roofing job going back to 2005. representatives of the co-op declined our request for an interview. they provided a written response to our inquiry about why their company seems to be favored by the pennsylvania,. they say trimco is a vendor that won the bid. advertise process.
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one of the competitors, carlyle construction did an analysis of 73 contracts with the pennsylvania school district. it determined trimco charged twice the amount. michael ducharm is the director. >> it is mind-boggling that school districts would pay that. the costs for md. -- pennsylvania are the costs for maryland. a direct competitor, carlyle, commissioned the study, building in a bias. any negative conclusions are not surprising. public entities are not required to except inferior quality by considering the lowest cost options and it provides long- term value. baltimore county school
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officials declined to comment citing a civil lawsuit. in a lawsuit the co-op save the county money. schools must competitively bid in a contract valued at over $25,000 but the same law allows the use of cops to purchase goods and commodities. >> a commodity is tdependent on the holdings. a multi million dollar construction project. >> the debate is not just playing out here. it has come up in indiana, virginia, texas, california, and pennsylvania. some states have adopted leslee -- legislation. he believes school districts are not doing anything differently unless they have to. >> they like to call trimco and
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prop up their feet and they're done. they will write up the specs and coordinate the construction and issue a bill to the honor. that is easy. payment comes into the scenario when you see what it did to your bank account. >> there is listening through the pennsylvania joined purchasing council. -- soliciting through the pennsylvania joint purchasing council. >> that he continued today even though the humidity levels back off. it was above normal, temperature was. the normal high of 87. the normal highs started to back down. the normal high was 88 yesterday. to date 87. -- today, 87. hotter than normal today. 88 in all -- a downtown
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baltimore today. 60's and 70's off to the north and west and there is a cool front heading in. it was triggering a few isolated showers praise you can see them on hd doppler. parts of northern virginia. that will be gone by morning. temperatures signaling back into the upper 60's of the wynns turned to the northwest and bring in cooler and less humid air. the air dried out and it will cool off as high pressure settles into the north weasnort. '87 to '92 is what we're looking for. that will be cooler. northwest winds at 5 to 10 and the sun set at 824 pm wynns out of the west at 5 to 10 miles per hour. the heat wave warming up the bay. 86 degree water temperature. gorgeous not whether. comfortable 80 degrees.
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we will get warmer and more humid as we end to the end of the week. under the 90 degree mark. the lower eastern shore, sunny skies and 80 degrees. the wins will be coming out of the west and northwest. near 90's.o comfortable compared to where we have been. the humidity starts to crawl back on tuesday. on hot and humid friday. 20% chance of a storm saturday. that afternoon thunderstorm chance increases sunday and monday. >> the ravens do not wait long to put the money to use. deal of the day, next in sports.
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>> the nfl does not open till friday evening. teams could be their own free agents. the 50-year veteran agreed to a deal worth $32 million. ja reeves with a shot at playing right tackle. among other reasons, he can play guard or tackle if the rockies' struggles. derek mason came to owings mills to exit physicals. the reagans made bring some back
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with new smaller contracts but no one knows how the free agent market will play out. derrick mason made it clear he would love to play for the ravens if they can make that happen. the town has become almost as important to him as the team. >> my first thought would be to come back here. this has been my football home for the last six years. why leave it so abruptly? i do what i can and hopefully they do what they need to do in order to bring it back. i can play football. >> it is a natural progression. it is hard. those reports are true. it is the reality of the salary cap and the situation we're in right now. >> the ravens signed more than 20 undrafted rookie free agents. several veterans and summer case
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showed up for the physical. terry smith has to get his contract done before he can take part in the practices. welcome to the wind. >> excited to be here for the first time. we were talking about at, we finally get to report. we are excited about it and cannot wait to get it going. >> they have to get the contract done first. the orioles get out of town as the ravens takeover. they did unload on toronto tonight, winning 12-4. his first win striking out jose molina. singles into center field.
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rounding third and scores. the orioles have a 4-0 lead. a second home run of the game for hardy. the orioles shellacked toronto. we will take it. >> we will look at the seven-day forecast after this. [ male announcer ] southwest is having a nationwide sale,
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>> it is still hot. could you do something about that? >> we will make it less tot. you cannot call 89 cooler but it will technically be cooler than 95 and it heats up again. a one day break and we're back into the low 90's. the heat index will go up to 100 and that leaves us with scattered son -- thunderstorms on saturday and sunday. tomorrow is where temperatures will stay at the tight end
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range. >> who is 89 for the receiver? >> a rookie wide receiver. you just lost $100. just a $20 bill. >> that is it. thank you for joining us. jay leno is next. >> have a good night. [captioning made possible by constellation energy group] captioned by the national captioning institute
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